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Red Mountain Riders:
Live at Crosspoint Ward 2002

We started out by singing for the Crosspoint Ward Chili Cook-off. And, believe it or not, they still let us come back to play, when they can't find anything else anyway. (More on the history.)

Here is the full live recording from November 2002 complete bad dialog, dumb jokes, and a few pretty funny cowboy poems.

1. Introduction
2. Cowboy Jubilee
3. Boots and Saddle
4. Meet the Band
5. Old Paint Medley
6. Red River
7. Home on the Range
8. Seagull Poaching by Kent Flake
9. Old Favorite
10. Tumbleweeds
11. Knots in the Devilís Tail
12. Gary Bashing
13. Old Cowboy Introduction
14. Old Cowboy
15. Requests
16. Ghost Riders
17. Prairie Sun
18. Cool Water
19. Rexís Swimin' Hole by Gary Walton
20. Great American Cowboy
21. Intro
22. Yukon Stars
23. My Arizona
24. Patriotic Medley Introduction
25. Patriotic Medley
26. La Bamba (Encore)

Click here for entire conert on play list.

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