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History of the Band

We've been doing this since around 1991. It started like this. Gary Gunnel was supposed to get some talent together for a church chili cook-off and somehow missed the connection. At the last minute, he pulled us all together for quick couple of tunes. Either we must have been tolerable or the folks at church wanted to show a little mercy because they had us back again the next year. Of course, we practiced a little more and learned a few more tunes. We kept singing and people kept calling. 

Since then, we've played at several cowboy music and cowboy poetry gatherings across Arizona, at least a couple chili cook-offs a year, corporate events, parties, and a political rally or two. That's how we got our picture with our "other" President, Mr. Charlton Heston.

Over time we've had a couple fiddle players and a banjo player. Ann German remains a part of us (see her in the Springerville Cowboy Festival Video). But, the core of the band is still the same as it always was. Except for a couple Utah transplants, most of us have been around Arizona for quite a few generations. And we've spent a fair share of time ranching and riding and doing a bit of that stuff we sing about. It is our heritage and we're proud of it.

The line-up goes like this:

  • Gary Walton: High Tenor
  • Gary Gunnel: Tenor
  • Doug Anderson: Baritone
  • Kent Flake: Bass
  • Doug Cardon: Guitar
  • Jason Barney: Bass
 Sad News: Everything changed for us on June 30, 2019 when we lost Gary Walton in a sudden and tragic accident. See the home page for more.

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